The Bendix® & Gabriel® brands are pleased to offer the updated Answer Garage Rewards Program (formerly the Answerman Advantage Rewards Program) that rewards and recognizes repair shop owners, managers and technicians for their loyalty in selling and installing Bendix & Gabriel products. There is a limit of one account per person.

Repair shop owners, managers and technicians are asked to create an Account to participate in the Rewards Program. Points are earned by submitting proof of purchase from qualifying Bendix & Gabriel products that have been installed during the Rewards Program. Points can be redeemed for items listed on the Answer Garage Rewards Program website.

Creating an Account Profile

You will be required to create an account profile online within our password protected website. You can perform certain functions within your account, such as making point redemptions. You can access and review, update, or deactivate the information in your account profile online.

We treat the information you provide to us as confidential information; it is, accordingly, subject to our company's security procedures and corporate policies regarding protection and use of confidential information. Because laws applicable to personal information vary by country, additional measures that vary depending on the applicable legal requirements may be put in place. Information is generally processed and stored in the United States.

Please note that MAT Holdings, Inc. (the "Sponsor") will never send you email requesting your password or social security number. If you receive an email that looks like it's from the Sponsor, but asks you for your credit card number or social security number, it's a fraudulent email, or "phish." We recommend that you do the following:

  • Forward the email to the Federal Trade Commission at or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) to report it. The FTC uses the spam stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive email. Delete the email.
  • If you believe "phishers" have gotten access to your personal or financial information, we recommend that you also change your password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rewards Program Overview:

Q: What is the Answer Garage Rewards Program?

A: The Answer Garage Rewards Program is a web-based recognition system designed to reward repair shop owners', managers' and technicians' loyalty in selling and installing Bendix & Gabriel products. As you earn Points, you can use them immediately or allow your balance to build.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Rewards Program?

A: Repair shop owners, managers or technicians employed at an authorized Bendix and/or Gabriel product dealer. This program is not open to direct customers of Bendix or Gabriel. This program is only open to US and Canadian residents. For Canadian members to redeem any rewards or to receive a shipment of any kind from the AnswerGarage, they must either provide a UPS shipping account number for prepaid shipping charges, or provide a (48 contiguous state) US ship to address. The AnswerGarage is not responsible for shipping charges to Canadian members for any rewards or promotions redeemed through the AnswerGarage.

Q: Do I need to register to participate?

A: Yes. Eligible individuals may register online at If you were previously a member of the Answerman Advantage Rewards Program, your membership will NOT automatically renew. You must complete a new account profile to sign up.

Q: Is there a fee required to participate?

A: No. Membership in the Rewards Program is free, however, the online registration must be completed and you must have an active user name and password in order to participate.

Earning Points:

Q: How do I earn Points?

A: Participants will earn reward Points by submitting a form and uploading a photo or scan of their proof of purchase/installation and product box end flaps for qualifying Bendix & Gabriel products on the SUBMIT RECEIPT page on this website.

The qualifying Gabriel products and their associated point values are listed in the chart below:

Gabriel Products Points
Ultra Shocks 100
Ultra Struts, Spring Seats, Cartridges 150
Ultra ReadyMount® Pre-assembled Struts 325
MaxControl Shocks 110
ProGuard® Shocks 40
StrutMounts 50

The qualifying Bendix products and their associated point values are listed in the chart below:

Bendix Products Points
Bendix® Premium Brake Shoe Kit 128
Bendix® Premium Brake Rotor 128
Bendix® Fleet Metlok® Severe Duty Rotor 114
Bendix® Fleet Metlok® Brake Pad 90
Bendix® Premium Copper Free Brake Pad 75
Bendix® Brake Drum 60
Bendix® Premium Brake Shoe Set 50
Bendix® Disc Brake Rotor (PRT) 40
Stop By Bendix Brake Pad 40

Q: How will I know when I'm awarded Points?

A: Points will appear in a Participant's Account within approximately five (5) to ten (10) business days after proof of purchase/installation is received by Rewards Program Headquarters and verified. When Points are added to an Account, an email is sent to the email address stated in a Participant's profile entered when his/her Account was set up.

Redeeming Points:

Q: How do I redeem my Points?

A: Log into your Account on the Answer Garage Rewards Program Website at and go to the REDEEM REWARDS page to view the rewards catalog. Once you select an item(s) you like, and you have sufficient Points in your Account, click the "Redeem Reward" button. While reviewing the item(s) in your Redemption Summary, you may remove items and get more information. To finalize your order, click the "Finish & Place Order" button.

Q: Do I pay for shipping costs for rewards?

A: No.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes for these rewards?

A: We pay sales tax for you, if applicable, on the reward(s) you order through the Rewards Program. However, you are personally responsible for any and all federal, state and local taxes resulting from acceptance of any Points or rewards ordered through the Rewards Program. If you redeem Points for rewards valued at $600 or more in total within a calendar year, you will be asked to provide your Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number; and an IRS Form 1099 will then be issued to you for the tax year in which the Points were redeemed.

Q: I've redeemed my Points. When will I receive my reward item?

A: Most items will arrive in approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Q: Once I redeem my Points, is there a waiting period before I can earn Points again?

A: Not at all! You may earn Points every day!

Rewards Program Security:

Q:Can other Participants view my personal information?

A: No.


Q: I was awarded Points but I don't see them displayed, who do I follow up with?

A: You may click on the Contact Us link on the Website, but before you do please allow at least fifteen (15) business days for Points to be loaded into your Account after you have mailed your Submission.



Welcome to the Answer Garage Rewards Program ("Rewards Program") site. The Answer Garage Rewards Program website ("Website") is operated and managed by MAT Holdings, Inc. ("Sponsor").

Visitors to the Website are bound by the following rules ("Program Rules"), so please read these carefully. For the purposes of these Program Rules, the Website includes all of the web pages within the website. Other Sponsor web sites may contain different rules from these Program Rules. These Program Rules do not apply to any other Sponsor's websites.

1. Eligibility: NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. The Rewards Program is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States, and the District of Columbia, and Canada, who are at least eighteen (18) years old as of the enrollment date, and are repair shop owners, managers or technicians at an authorized Bendix and/or Gabriel product dealer both on or after the Rewards Program start date and at the time of reward distribution (a "Participant"). Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Participation in the Rewards Program constitutes Participant's full and unconditional agreement to these Program Rules and Sponsor's decisions regarding the application of these Program Rules and the Rewards Program, which decisions are final and binding in all matters. Earning Points (defined in Rule 4) in the Rewards Program is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements in these Program Rules.

2. Rewards Program Period: The current phase of the Rewards Program begins on TBD and is scheduled to end at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on TBD ("Program Period"). Points, defined in Rule 4, do not expire and are not required to be used by the end of the Program Period unless stated by Sponsor in future notifications. Sponsor reserves the right to extend, suspend, terminate, or modify the Rewards Program, at its discretion, at any time with or without notice as set forth in Rule 10.

3. Rewards Program Participation: A qualifying participant at an authorized Bendix and/or Gabriel product dealer may register online by visiting the Website beginning TBD. Each Participant is responsible for ensuring that his/her Points are properly credited. Each Participant is responsible for his/her Account security, including, but not limited to, keeping his/her user name and password secure. Participants should treat all Account information as confidential.

By registering for an Account, Participants agree to receive Rewards Program email communications. Reward notifications and other important notifications will be delivered by email, with the Participant's permission. It is the Participant's sole responsibility to provide correct and current email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and addresses.

Participants are personally responsible for any and all federal, state and local taxes resulting from acceptance of any Points, as defined in Rule 4, from the Rewards Program. No information contained in the Program Rules constitutes tax advice and each Participant is encouraged to consult his/her own tax advisor regarding the tax consequences of earning Points or redeeming rewards. If a Participant redeems Points for Rewards valued at $600 or more in total for a calendar year, he/she will be asked to provide his/her Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number for tax purposes. An IRS Form 1099 will then be issued to that Participant for the tax year in which the Points are redeemed.

Sponsor reserves the right to invalidate Points from an Account if Sponsor determines, in its sole discretion, that such Points were improperly credited to such Account or obtained fraudulently. Points do not constitute property. A Participant does not have a vested right or interest in Points. Points do not have a cash value and are not redeemable for cash, transferable or assignable for any reason.

4. Earning Points: After creating an Account, Participants will earn reward Points by submitting proof of purchase/installation from qualifying Bendix and/or Gabriel products that have been sold and/or installed during the Program Period, as described on the Website and in Rewards Program materials ("Points"). Take the following actions to submit your proof of purchase and earn Points:

a. Log in to your Account and click the "Submit Receipt" menu choice on the REWARDS menu;

b. Follow the instructions to complete a submission form;

Upon receipt and verification of your proof of purchase, the applicable number of Points will be deposited into your Account. Points will be reviewed and validated at the Sponsor's sole discretion. If any Account, submission form, or proof of purchase are determined to be fraudulent, the Sponsor may void any Points earned. The Sponsor may terminate a Participant from the Rewards Program or take other disciplinary measures if he/she engaged in any fraudulent or deceptive practices. All Sponsor decisions with respect to any aspect of the Rewards Program, including the eligibility or disqualification of Participants, are final, without any right of appeal.

If a Participant believes that Points were not accurately accrued to his/her Account, he/she must notify Customer Service as instructed on the Website.

5. Points for Reward Items and Downloadable Content

A. Redeem Points Online: Points can be redeemed for Reward items that are displayed on the Website, while supplies last. Each Reward has a required number of Points for redemption as stated on the Website. A Participant cannot redeem an item unless he/she has accumulated the required number of Points in their Account. To redeem an item, a Participant will browse the Website reward gallery, select the item he/she wishes to order, and follow the on-screen instructions to submit his/her order. Each Participant must provide all required shipping information on the order form page. After an order has been properly submitted, the required number of Points for the item selected will automatically be deducted from the Participant's Account. Points that have been redeemed for an item may not be returned or refunded to an Account for any reason, including if the item is stolen or lost. Rewards Program Point values and items are subject to change at any time for any reason without notice. Electronic redemption via the Website is the only means of claiming a Reward.

B. Shipment/Fulfillment: In most cases, allow at least twenty (20) business days from receipt of order for shipment of a Reward item unless otherwise stated on the Website. Each item ordered may ship separately. All items will ship to the address Participant specifies on the order form page. Items will only be shipped to addresses within the fifty (50) United States (including D.C.). No responsibility is assumed by Sponsor for any postal mail or overnight deliveries returned as undeliverable without a forwarding address.

The Rewards Program offers a 30-day warranty on any defective Reward items. After thirty (30) days, each Participant will be provided with the manufacturer's warranty/proof of purchase form to assist you in finding a dealer in his/her area. Returned items will not be accepted without prior written authorization.

  • Participants wishing to return a selected Reward item that was received damaged or defective must include the original packing slip or the Return Form.
  • All returned items must be returned in unused condition, in original container and with all original paperwork.
  • Participants are encouraged to inspect all packages immediately and have the delivery driver note any visible damage. Please contact Answer Garage Rewards Customer Service immediately if you received an item that has been damaged in transit.

C. Downloadable Reward Content: All downloadable Reward content available on the Website ("Downloadable Content") is subject to change without notice and is available while supplies last. Sponsor reserves the right (without obligation) to add, subtract, or change the Downloadable Content at any time during the Rewards Program in its sole discretion. No exchanges, returns or refunds on Downloadable Content are permitted. Participant's computer must comply with the minimum system requirements to obtain Downloadable Content. The minimum system requirements for all Downloadable Content can be found in the item description associated with each download.

D. Third Party Reward Content: Any Reward that contains or is comprised of: third party software, hardware, products, and/or services (collectively, the "Third Party Information") shall be governed by and subject to Participant's agreement with the third party, including without limitation, Participant's agreement to the terms of separate Third Party Information licenses, if any. Any Third Party Information that is provided with or without Sponsor's products and/or services is provided in its "as is" condition. Sponsor makes no representation, warranty or guarantee whatsoever in relation to the Third Party Information and Sponsor assumes no liability whatsoever in relation to the Third Party Information even if Sponsor has been advised of the possibility of such damages or can anticipate such damages. Sponsor does not control and is not responsible for any Third Party Information, including without limitation, the content, accuracy, intellectual property issues, compatibility, performance, trustworthiness, legality, decency, links, or any other aspect of the Third Party Information.

6. Sweepstakes/Contests/Games: Sponsor may offer sweepstakes or other promotions during the Program Period, ("Sponsor Promotion(s)"). See the respective promotion's official rules for full details. Sponsor's Promotions will state, "NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF MONEY IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PUCHASE OR PAYMENT OF MONEY WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING" as required by law. If Sponsor elects to conduct a Sponsor Promotion during the Program Period, notice may be provided on To participate, find the promotion offering in the rewards gallery and carefully read the Official Rules of the applicable Sponsor's Promotion. All Sponsor Promotion's are subject to the respective promotion's official rules which may be located on the Website. A Participant is not eligible to enter into or win a Sponsor Promotion unless he/she is a Participant in good standing and is in compliance with the official rules of the respective Sponsor Promotion at the time that the Sponsor's Promotion is held.

7. Terminated or Separated Employees: It is the sole responsibility of the Account holder to update his/her account management page on the Website should the Account holder be terminated or separated during the Program Period. Participants whose employment at an authorized Bendix and/or Gabriel product dealer is terminated or separated will have thirty (30) days from the date that his/her employment ended to either use all Points earned in his/her Account or update the Account. At the end of the 30-day period, any unused Points will be forfeited and the Account will be officially closed.

8. Limitations of Liability: No responsibility or liability is assumed by the Sponsor or sponsor's advertising/fulfillment/promotion agencies associated with the Rewards Program and their agents, representatives, affiliates and employees (collectively, "Released Parties") (for technical problems or technical malfunction arising in connection with any of the following occurrences which may affect the operation of the Website: hardware or software errors; faulty computer, telephone, cable, satellite, network, electronic, wireless or Internet connectivity or other online, mobile or other communication problems; disruptions, errors or limitations of any Internet service providers or wireless carriers, servers, hosts or providers; garbled, jumbled or faulty data transmissions; failure of any e-mail transmissions to be sent or received; lost, late, delayed or intercepted e-mail transmissions; inaccessibility of the Website in whole or in part for any reason; traffic congestion on the Internet, the Website; unauthorized human or non-human intervention of the operation of the Rewards Program, including without limitation, unauthorized tampering, hacking, theft, virus, bugs, worms; or destruction of any aspect of the Rewards Program, or loss, miscount, misdirection, inaccessibility or unavailability of an Account used in connection with the Rewards Program. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, EVERYTHING ON THE WEBSITE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. Under no circumstances will Sponsor and the Rewards Program Parties be liable for punitive, incidental, consequential, or any other damages.

9. Rewards Program Modification/Termination: The Rewards Program is subject to modification or limitation at any time, with or without notice, at Sponsor's sole discretion. Sponsor expressly reserves the right to establish additional means of earning Points, to delete any or all of the currently recognized means of earning Points, to exclude specific types of transactions therefrom, or to make Points selectively available to certain Participants. The Rewards Program is offered at the sole discretion of Sponsor and it reserves the right to modify the Program Rules, Point redemption values, benefits, Downloadable Content, Sponsor Promotions, conditions of participation, rules for issuing, redeeming, retaining, using or forfeiting Points or any other aspect of the Rewards Program, in whole or part, at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may affect the redemption value of the Points already accumulated. If for any reason Sponsor determines in its sole discretion that the Rewards Program is no longer capable of running as intended by these Program Rules for any reason whatsoever, Sponsor, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel, terminate, suspend, postpone, delay or modify the Rewards Program in whole or in part, including without limitation, any means of entry, at any time if any aspect of the Rewards Program is not capable of running as planned or as intended by these Program Rules for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, any occurrences described in Rule 7 above, or any other causes which may corrupt or impair the integrity, security, fairness or proper conduct of the Rewards Program, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, in the event of an early termination, Participants will have thirty (30) days from the date the termination is announced to redeem their Points. Participants are responsible for remaining aware of any changes or modifications that Sponsor may make to the Program Rules.

10. Conduct: By participating in this Rewards Program, Participants agree to be bound by the most current version of the Program Rules, on the Website and by the decisions of the Sponsor, which shall be final and binding in all respects. Failure to comply with these Program Rules may result in disqualification. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual from participating in any aspect of the Rewards Program, and/or may cancel, suspend or block any Account registered by such person if Sponsor deems or suspects that such person has engaged in or has attempted to engage in any of the following: (a) acting in violation of these Program Rules or the terms and conditions of the Website; or (b) damaging, tampering with or corrupting the operation of the Rewards Program; or (c) acting with intent to annoy, harass or abuse any other person; or (d) using of any automated bot, script or other robotic, mechanical, programmed or automated devices to submit data to the Website through online or mobile web means; (e) participating in any unsportsmanlike, inappropriate, uncooperative, disruptive, fraudulent, potentially fraudulent, or unusual behavior or activity; or (f) participating in activity deemed in the sole discretion of Sponsor to be generally inconsistent with the intended operation of the Rewards Program. CAUTION: ANY ATTEMPT BY A PERSON TO DELIBERATELY DAMAGE OR CORRUPT ANY WEBSITE OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THE REWARDS PROGRAM COULD BE A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LAWS. SHOULD SUCH AN ATTEMPT BE MADE, SPONSOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO PROSECUTE AND SEEK DAMAGES FROM ANY SUCH INDIVIDUAL TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. Sponsor's failure to enforce any term of these Program Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that or any other provision.

11. Releases: All Participants, as a condition of participation in this Rewards Program, agree to release Sponsor and Released Parties from and against any and all liability, claims or actions of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages, or losses to persons or property which may be sustained in connection with accessing the Website, participating in any aspect of the Rewards Program, the receipt, ownership or use of any item or any Downloadable Content, participating in or traveling to or from Rewards Program activity (if applicable), or any typographical or other error in these Program Rules or the description of any Downloadable Content or item. Sponsor makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the appearance, safety or performance of any Sponsor Promotion any item or any Downloadable Content, except for any express manufacturer's warranty as may be included with the item. Participant bears all risk of loss or damage to item or any Downloadable Content after it has been delivered or downloaded.

12. Disputes: As a condition of participating in this Rewards Program, Participant agrees that: (i) any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or connected with this Rewards Program including any Sponsor Promotion offered, or any rewards or prizes awarded, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and exclusively by the appropriate Michigan State Court located in Oakland County, MI (ii) any and all claims, judgments and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred, including costs associated with entering this Rewards Program, but in no event attorneys' fees; and (iii) under no circumstances will Participant be permitted to obtain awards for, and Participant hereby waives all rights to claim punitive, incidental and consequential damages and any other damages, other than for actual out-of-pocket expenses, and any and all rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Program Rules, or the rights and obligations of the Participant and Sponsor in connection with the Rewards Program, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Michigan, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules, which would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of Michigan. By participating, Participants consent to the jurisdiction and venue of the federal, state and local courts located in Oakland County, MI. If any provision of these Program Rules is deemed invalid or illegal, it shall be modified to be valid and legal and that all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

13. Privacy Policy: Please review our Privacy Policy found at which governs the Rewards Program to understand our practices in connection with the use and protection of your personal information.

14. Sponsor: MAT Holding, Inc., 6700 Wildlife Way, Long Grove, IL 60047.

All trademarks are used by permission of their respective owners.

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Thank you for participating in the Answer Garage Rewards Program (the "Rewards Program"). Your sponsoring company, MAT Holdings Inc. (the "Sponsor") is offering rewards points in exchange for certain activities as defined by the Sponsor. Points may be redeemed for reward items ("Rewards") listed in the reward catalogue for the Rewards Program, all as governed by these Terms and Conditions.

General Rules

Participation in the Rewards Program is subject to these Terms and Conditions, as they may be amended by the Sponsor from time to time. By establishing a Rewards Program account in your name (an "Account"), logging on to your Account, redeeming Points and/or earning points, you will confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. All decisions regarding the operation of the Rewards Program will be made by the Sponsor in its sole discretion. You are responsible for reading and complying with these Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions of any offer related to the Rewards Program. The Sponsor may provide additional information concerning the Rewards Program, such as FAQs, on the Rewards Program Website from time to time. All such additional information is provided subject to these Terms and Conditions, and in the event of a conflict these Terms and Conditions will control.

Use of the Rewards Program Website is subject to the Sponsor's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for the Rewards Program Website, both of which are posted on the site, as they may be amended from time to time.

Discounts or offers may be provided to you from time to time in connection with the Rewards Program. All discounts or offers will be subject to these Terms and Conditions and may be subject to additional terms and conditions specific to each discount or offer, including expiration dates. The terms and conditions governing third party offers and discounts are solely the responsibility of the third party.

Who May Participate

Only individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years of age are eligible to participate in the Rewards Program. Participation in the Rewards Program is limited to qualifying individuals as defined by the Rewards Program.

Establishing a Rewards Program Account

To participate in the Rewards Program, you must adhere to the Program Rules as defined by the Rewards Program. By logging on to your Account, you may view your transaction history, redeem Points for Rewards, and view your Account history, including the number of Points credited to your Account.

Accruing Points

You accrue Points by achieving qualifying activities as defined by the Rewards Program Sponsor. The Rewards Program may, in its discretion, require additional information and/or verification in connection with earning points. The Rewards Program and the Sponsor are the final authority on accrual and crediting of Points and reserve the right to deny or revoke Points at any time if the Rewards Program determines that they were improperly or mistakenly obtained, accrued or credited.

Redeeming Points and Other Benefits

To redeem Points for Rewards, simply log on to the Rewards Program Website and place an item from the Rewards catalogue in your shopping cart by clicking on the link below that item. When you check out, the number of Points required to receive such item will be deducted from your Account. Items will be shipped only to the mailing address you provide during checkout. Additional information regarding shipping of items and returning or exchanging items may be found in the FAQs at the Rewards Program Website. Points credited to your Account cannot be transferred, assigned, pledged and/or sold to another individual or any other Account. Points do not constitute your property. In no case may Points be redeemed for cash.

Rewards Program Changes and Termination

The Rewards Program may, in its discretion, change the Terms and Conditions and/or any other rules governing the Rewards Program, including those relating to the accrual, use and benefits of Points, at any time with or without notice. This means, among other things, that the accumulation of Points in conjunction with the Rewards Program does not entitle you to any vested rights with respect to such points. Any potential benefit or Reward offered pursuant to the Rewards Program may be withdrawn or subject to new restrictions at any time. All Rewards, discounts and other benefits available through redemption of Points or otherwise in connection with the Rewards Program are subject to availability. The Rewards Program reserves the right to eliminate, add, change or substitute participating vendors without notice. The Rewards Program may in its discretion change the selection of available Rewards, or stop offering any particular Reward, at any time. In the event a Reward is unavailable after the Reward is ordered in a redemption transaction, your only remedy will be for the appropriate number of Points to be restored to your account.

Violation of Terms and Conditions

The Rewards Program has the right to monitor all activities relating to your participation in the Rewards Program. If required by applicable law or if you violate any of these Terms and Conditions or the terms and conditions of an offer related to the Rewards Program or otherwise improperly interfere or tamper with the operation of the Rewards Program, the Rewards Program may freeze your Account and refuse to issue any additional Points. If your Account is frozen, please contact Customer Service. If your Account usage shows signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, The Rewards Program may close your Account and/or rescind any Points. If you have engaged in any fraudulent activity, the Rewards Program reserves the right to take legal action. In addition, you may be liable for monetary losses to the Rewards Program and/or any third party vendors, including litigation costs and damages, and you will not be allowed to participate in the Rewards Program in the future.


The Rewards Program reserves the right to correct the record of Points in your Account if it believes that a clerical, billing or accounting error has occurred. If you have questions regarding your transaction history or any correction, or if you dispute any calculation of Points, please contact Customer Service. You must provide notice of any error within sixty (60) days of the transaction in question. The Rewards Program will conduct an investigation and communicate the results and correct any error that the Rewards Program verifies as soon as the investigation is finished. If no error was found the Rewards Program will provide to you an explanation. Please monitor your transactions and Account closely. In the event of an error, your exclusive remedy will be the crediting of the Points in question or such other alternative comparable benefit as determined by the Rewards Program, which will have no additional liability whatsoever.

Applicable Laws; Non-Liability; Taxes

The Rewards Program makes no guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind concerning the Rewards Program or any Rewards. Accrual and redemption of Points are void where prohibited by applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations and are subject to change as may be necessary to comply with such laws or regulations. The Rewards Program will have no liability for any delay in or failure of delivery of goods or services, whether by the Rewards Program or by a third party, relating to your redemption of Points. By participating in the Rewards Program, you release the Rewards Program and the Sponsor from all claims and liability of any kind regarding the accrual, crediting and/or use of Points, the receipt or use of any Reward, or otherwise arising from or in connection with the Rewards Program. Although the Rewards Program has made every effort to verify the accuracy of the information provided by third parties, the Rewards Program makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the Rewards or any other benefits, products or services that may be offered through the Rewards Program or information provided to you by third party product and service providers. The Rewards Program has no liability for any products or services provided to you by third parties, or for any errors or omissions in any materials supplied to you by the third parties or for any failure by any product or service provider to honor any applicable discount. In no event will The Rewards Program or any third party vendor be liable to you, or anyone claiming through you, for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, or lost revenue or profits, arising out of the acts or omissions of The Rewards Program or any third party vendor in connection with the Rewards Program.

You are solely responsible for any taxes, including sales tax, associated with accrual or use of Points or otherwise arising out of your participation in the Rewards Program, unless otherwise disclosed in advance.

Only the individual in whose name an Account is registered (or an authorized representative, in the event the Account holder is a corporation or other entity) will be entitled to access that Account. However, the Rewards Program complies with court orders and subpoenas and cooperates with investigations by state and federal agencies. If requested by such authorities, your Account information may be shared with others with or without your knowledge or consent.

These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Michigan without application of conflict of laws rules. Headings in these Terms and Conditions are inserted for convenience only and in no way alter, amend, modify, limit or restrict the terms of your participation in the Rewards Program or your obligations under these Terms and Conditions.



Your privacy is important to MAT Holdings, Inc. ("our", "us" or "we"). This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, share, use, and protect information when you visit or use our website, applications or any other services offered by us that link to or reference this privacy policy (collectively, the "Products and Services"). This policy covers our Products and Services, including the Answer Garage website (, as well as any interactions you may have while viewing content provided through the Answer Garage website. This Privacy Policy may be changed by the Website owner or operator from time to time, for any reason and without prior notice. Any such changes are effective when posted to or otherwise made available on the Answer Garage website. Users of the Website are advised to regularly review this Privacy Policy for possible changes. By using our Website, you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy and agree to be bound by any terms of use posted on the Website.

As you review this Privacy Policy, here are a few general principles to keep in mind:

If you use this product, or visit the website, your information will be transferred to and processed in the United States.

If you utilize a Product or Service with us, we may use and share any information that we collect from or about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as well as any terms and conditions required to utilize any of our applications.

Personal Information
When you visit or use our Products and Services, we will collect personal information from or about you that you choose to disclose, such as the vehicle details entered through the add vehicle page, including mileage and vehicle name as entered, and limited location information. If you choose to correspond with us through e-mail, we may retain the content of your e-mail messages together with your name, e-mail address and our responses.

Additional Sources of Information
We may also collect information about you from additional online and offline sources including from co-branded partner sites or commercially available third-party sources. We may combine this information with the personal and other information we have collected about you under this Privacy Policy.

We may use the information discussed above in a number of ways, such as:

  • Preventing fraud and enhancing the security of your information or our Products and Services;
  • Responding to your requests and communicating with you;
  • Managing your preferences;
  • Performing analytics concerning your use of our Products and Services, including your responses to our emails and the pages and advertisements you view;
  • Providing you tailored content and marketing messages;
  • Operating, evaluating and improving our business (including developing new Products and Services; improving existing Products and Services; performing data analytics; and performing accounting, auditing and/or other internal functions);
  • Complying with and enforcing applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards, contractual obligations and our policies; and
  • For any other purposes that we may or may not specifically disclose at the time you provide or we collect your information.

We may also use data that we collect on an aggregate or anonymous basis (such that it does not identify any individual customers) for various business purposes, where permissible under applicable laws and regulations.

We may share the information we collect from and about you with our affiliates and other third parties. For example, we may share your information with:

  • Third-party service providers;
  • MAT Holdings-affiliated websites and businesses in an effort to bring you improved service across our offering of Products and Services, when permissible under relevant laws and regulations;
  • Other companies to bring you co-branded services, products or programs; and
  • Other third parties to comply with legal requirements such as the demands of applicable subpoenas and/or court orders; to verify or enforce our terms of use, our other rights, or other applicable policies; to address fraud, security or technical issues; to respond to an emergency or otherwise to protect the rights, property or security of our customers or third parties.

Where appropriate and at our discretion, we will limit the sharing of your information when possible.

We may share anonymous or aggregated information with third parties to help deliver our Products and Services, as well as additional content that is better tailored to the users of our Products and Services, and for other purposes.

We use reasonable physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with industry standards to protect and limit access to personal information. This includes device safeguards, secured files and secured buildings, which may be provided by third parties on our behalf.

Please note that information you send to us electronically may not be secure when it is transmitted to us. We recommend that you do not utilize unsecure methods to communicate sensitive or confidential information to us.

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